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The magic of a wedding by the sea

Discover our wedding service

The magic of a wedding by the sea
There's a surprise at Hotel Gambrinus.

We love new stimuli, we thrive on improving ourselves, on exceeding expectations and growing in every field. This time, we know we've made a step in the right direction: read on to understand why!

Last September, we decided to take on a rather ambitious challenge: we organized a dream wedding for Paolo and Raffaella.

The bride and groom placed all their trust in us to organize the most beautiful day of their lives, and we'll never be able to thank them enough!

We are proud to say that the day was a complete success.
From the marvellous beach ceremony, to the mise en place on the tables and the floral compositions which decorated the hotel.

The reception was equally as wonderful: on the terrace of the Las Chi Goda restaurant, Paolo, Raffaella and their guests tasted the exquisite menu meticulously crafted by our chef, as they looked out towards the Romagna riviera coastline.

The dream of many couples has come true here at Hotel Gambrinus: getting married on the beach, to the sound of the waves crashing in the background and the feeling of the sand beneath your feet!

We are truly excited about the new adventure!

So much so that, after our deeply gratifying experience with Paolo and Raffaella, we asked ourselves - why not add "Weddings” to our list of services?!
This way, we can help as many couples as possible to plan their dream wedding by the sea.

Of course, we advise booking during the off-season, this way the location is more peaceful and exclusive.

Do you want to know more about our brand-new service?

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